Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking to Live on Purpose

When I was a kid, we had a pool in our backyard. I remember the first time it was filled, we were so excited to get to swim in our pool. Mom & Dad told us we could get in for a bit before they put the chemicals in since we were so excited, but they also warned that it would be cold (actually, it was really, really cold). The excitement won out & we were goin' in!! And the best way to deal with something that you know is going to be uncomfortable is to just dive in. No just dipping in your tootsies...cannonball in over your head in one shot. After the initial discomfort, it was awesome!

Of course, we had to eventually get out & stay out for a couple of days after my parents shocked the pool with the necessary chemicals. During that time, the sun warmed that water up, too. Funny thing, though. After taking that initial plunge into the freezing water, this time in with the water warmed up should have been a piece of cake, but it still felt uncomfortable, so we just had to take the plunge. Sure would have been easier to lay out in the sun, but who wants to miss that fun?

I thought of all of this because I've been pondering a lot of things lately. I wonder, "How in the world did I get here?" I mean, I KNOW...every bit of it is a God story. He began a work in our hearts & lives quite some time ago that led us to where we are. I think what I'm wrestling with is where in the world did I get the gumption to jump into that??? And I wonder that because I find myself feeling like I'm sitting on the edge of the pool deck thinking certainly it will be easier to plunge into whatever God's calling us to next, right? Not so much.

Tonight, my house is semi-quiet. I have the basketball team here for dinner & an overnight, but that's normal. The littles got to bed early. Joe is away on business. It would be a good time to relax, but my brain just wouldn't be quiet. On a whim, I grabbed a devotional the kids found when we were cleaning today & turned to the thought for today (this is from 2 Minutes a Day--Knowing God):


God chose you to be his people, so I urge you now to live the life to which God called you. ~Ephesians 4:1 NCV

Life is best lived on purpose. And purpose, like everything else in the universe, begins with God. Whether you realize it or not, God has a plan for your life, a divine calling, a direction in which He is leading you. When you welcome God into your heart and establish a genuine relationship with Him, He will begin, in time, to make His purposes known.
Sometimes, God's intentions will be clear to you; other times, God's plan will seem uncertain at best. But even on those difficult days when you are unsure which way to turn, you must never lose sight of these overriding facts: God created you for a reason; He has important work for you to do; and He's waiting patiently for you to do it.
And the next step is up to you.

Is it not the coolest thing that in the midst of my confused, all over the place thoughts ponderings, God put this in my path?

It is not unusual to hear me ask, "What's the plan?" of my children, my husband, & of God. I'm a planner by nature. The good news is that God has that plan...I just need to be ready & willing to dive in when He calls my name.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cutest Chaperone Ever

Happy Birthday, Joe!!!

Yep, it's hubby's birthday. As I reported on FB earlier, I have managed to put on something other than yoga pants & long sleeve t-shirt "mommy-wear", NOT put my hair in a ponytail, AND applied make-up since we have a date tonight. Other than the dry spit-up on my sleeve, I think I'm doin' alright.

And it just so happens, we will have the cutest chaperone ever on our date.
The little darlin' has already figured out when Mommy & Daddy leave & has mastered the art of throwing a fit about it. No worries b/c this Mama & Daddy know that all too soon she'll be wanting to do her own thing, so we'll just enjoy that she likes to hang with us now!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Truth be told, the commercial aspect of Valentine's Day makes me crazy, so it's really not one of my favorite days.

However, I do love me some LOVE!

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." ~1 Corinthians 13

I am so proud of my kiddos as their gifts & talents unfold, but they know above ALL else, the most beautiful thing I see in them is their capacity to love. The moments that I have witnessed them loving each other & loving us over the past year are by far the greatest gifts they can give their mama. I went through our pictures from this past year & picked out some was tough, but I narrowed it down to, well, a few! ;o)

And I get to enjoy these gifts every day all because I married the love of my life. I love you, Joseph...Thank you for being my best friend on this wild adventure & for being such a beautiful example of love to this family.

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Ni Hao Yall

Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy Days & Lazy Days

Our crazy days are filled with school, practices, basketball games & the like. All good things, but they keep a mommy busy.

The not so good things are the mounds of laundry that never seem to shrink & the dust bunnies that continue to multiply. The sock basket overflows, but somehow none of the socks match. Our standing rule has become if you have 2 clean socks, they match.

We've had quite a few lazy days recently with the ice & enjoyed 3 days off from school. We didn't get hit with as much snow as others, but lots of freezing rain. I'd rather have snow. The bigger kids thought the ice was pretty fun, though, b/c the whole backyard turned into a giant slip-n-slide. I looked out to find those ding-a-lings boogie boarding across the backyard. No, I didn't get any pictures b/c I was too busy yelling at them not to break anything. Kami managed to bite it once which resulted in lovely markings over her eye with a bit of swelling. Did I say these were lazy days? Never mind.

Kaelee is a huge fan of books, & the littles are very happy about that!

I know, Kendi is getting big. Kaya loves to hold her, but I think it's become more of a propping up!

Kendi thinks Daddy is pretty great...Actually, we all think Daddy is pretty great!

She's such a stinker! She has smiles SO BIG that it seems she will turn inside out...until the camera comes out.

Tummy time is so much better with partners!

And this next picture pretty much sums up what some days are like around these parts.

Yes, that would be Ella with a pacifier. *sigh*

No worries, though, b/c our little princess has no need for those pacifiers when she has something much more wonderful at her disposal.