Friday, October 30, 2015

i'm a soccer mom

It's true.  I'm embracing it.  I'm a soccer mom.  This Fall season brought not one, but two traveling soccer players.  Kaya was thrilled to be on a travel team like her brother, & WOW did she & her team surprise us!!  They are a completely adorable bunch, but all business on that field.  I really can't remember seeing a group of 8-year-olds so responsive to coaching (which we had really great coaches that did lots of teaching & even more encouraging!).
To our surprise, Miss Kaya ended up playing goalie in a game towards the middle of the season.  I hadn't really pictured her in that position, but my goodness, this girl just keeps surprising us.  She ended up playing goalie in many of the games for a half after that first time & really kept her composure.  She likes it!
Her team played great during the tournament, winning some really close games to make it to the championship game.  For the championship, we only had six girls able to make it (they play 6 vs. 6, so this meant no subs for entire game) and it was super, super cold.  Kaya had a couple of monster saves at goalie and an assist at forward...and they won by a goal!!!  Again, it was really something to see the girls' teamwork and determination.  So very proud!
K'Tyo again had a great season of soccer.  I don't have any action pictures of him because he never stays in one place on the field long enough!  I love to watch this kid fly up and down the field (he plays mid, so he's all over the place).  He continually makes us proud with his 110% effort, but especially his sportsmanship with his teammates as well as opposing players.  His team also made it to the championship game, but they came up just short of winning it.  So proud of them!
So there you have it...I have attained soccer mom status, but even more, I'm their biggest fan in whatever adventures I get to experience with these kiddos.  What fun it is to see the things that bring them joy and develop their character!