Tuesday, April 9, 2013

double digits

Just thought I'd give an update on the training since I originally said that I would oh, you know, months ago.

So here's where I'm at...I have been following a 12-week training program in preparation for my first half marathon.  I must admit that in the beginning, I struggled with consistently following the plan.  Between illness, going to Hilton Head with Joe & the kids for a long weekend, & some days of bitter cold (anything less than 5 degrees, this girl is not running outside), my training was sporadic in the first few weeks.  Thankfully, I had kept enough of a base that it didn't hurt me too much & I was able to get my act together.  I just completed Week 8, which included a long run on Saturday of 10 MILES!!!  It was a beautiful morning, even though it was only in the high 20's when I headed out.  Joe was Mr. Awesome & timed up meeting me between mile 6 & 7 to bring water, which I so appreciated since I had just finished one monster hill & was headed for another one.

A friend introduced me to a nifty app on my phone that tracks my route, mileage, splits, & total time, so that really adds to the sense of accomplishment when I can go back & see the miles/time I have put into training.  To be honest, on some days the best part of the run is getting in the shower, but I've learned that you just have days like that.  Like my husband tells me often...You're doing it, which is all that really matters.

Monday, April 1, 2013

the big adventure

Remember me talking about how it's bittersweet to see your birdies begin spreading their wings to fly?

Last Thursday was yet another exercise in practicing that flying part.  Kam & Kyler set off on their big adventure to fly from Ohio to Florida to spend 5 days with Kearsten during their spring breaks.  Kearsten's host family was kind enough to let the kids stay there with Kearsten AND provide entrance into some Disney Parks for a day.  Here's a few picture updates I've received from the crew.

It's funny how you can feel so excited & yet so, "Oh-my-gosh-my-kids-are-in-Florida-without-me!" all at the same time.  But knowing that they choose to spend time together makes my heart smile.  Big.