Saturday, March 31, 2012


We arrived home Thursday night after a very, very, very loooong flight, preceded by a train ride, & followed by another flight that was delayed almost an hour. But we made it, & there's nothing better in the world than to come home to family.

Lil Miss was a champ with all the planes, trains, & automobiles, but when we hit our final plane ride, she was out before take-off. Bless her heart.

I'm pretty sure I was crying before I got off the plane. I was just so ready to see my family.

You're never too old to need a hug from your Daddy.

Sisters meeting for the first time.

Daddy missed this boy of ours.

Love this picture with my girls, but looking forward to a proper photo with my girls when Kaelee gets home from student teaching in SC.

We're going home.

Other than the jet lag, we are doing fine. I was pleasantly surprised at how Kemeri has taken to Joe & the other kids. In China, she wouldn't let anyone else push her stroller let alone hold her. I am not surprised, though, that she doesn't think much of Ella, our dog. Actually, she's completely freaked out by her. Hopefully sooner rather than later she'll realize Ella is ok.

I am beyond thankful to be home with my husband & kiddos. I look forward to being back on some type of normal sleep schedule, but in the meantime, I guess Kemeri & I will have blogging & goldfish cracker parties at 3 a.m. ;)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting Closer to Being Home

Our time in Guangzhou is winding down. At this time last week, going home seemed forever away. I'm happy to report that this week has been a wonderful time in Guangzhou. The weather has been beautiful, so after all of our appointments, we've been able to be outside enjoying this city together.

I have been pondering a lot of things since this little girl went from being on paper to in my arms. I will put my thoughts into words someday, but for now I just want to say that I am beyond thankful that God would entrust me with one of His treasures; that He would keep prodding us along, even when we felt afraid or unsure. Every giggle, every "spicey" moment, every hug & kiss, I know that I know that I know that we serve an awesome God who loves us enough to not leave us where we are but to prod us along to where He wants us to be.

Night, night from Guangzhou...tomorrow we leave here on a train for Hong Kong, & then HOME!!! I cannot wait to see my husband & kiddos at home. I am missing them like crazy & am ready for us to be together & begin our new normal. Thanks so much for the continued prayers & encouragement...Please continue praying us home. You're the best!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Was a Good Day

Other than a minor hunger meltdown & having to attempt eating a spaghetti-type noodle concoction with chopsticks, it was a very good day. This was a "free day", so we headed off to the Safari Park with another family from our agency. The weather was beautiful, & we got to see LOTS of animals. According to our guide, this park is one of the 3 largest in the world.
Evidently we missed the memo that it was wear your yellow hat day. This picture really does not do justice to the sea of yellow-hatted people we saw.

Kemeri's wondering what's up with the yellow hat style, too.

Is it not the cutest?

Feeding the giraffes was definitely a highlight of this outing.

Even Kemeri wanted to get up close to the action. But seriously, look at that tongue. I couldn't decide if I should be grossed out or fascinated. I think Kade got slimed a couple of times.

And then this dude just cracked me up.

Kemeri is pointing at the elephants in this picture, but she did a lot of excited pointing all day. I hope this is a good indication of things to come when she meets Ella.

It was a busy day at the zoo, & she made it almost to the end.

Kade & my new friend Audrey's daughter, Allison, tried out a ride. Seemed like a lot of work to me, but Kade enjoyed it.

We no sooner got back to the hotel & Miss Thing was ready to be on the move again. Love her.

This was good news b/c Mama needed some Starbucks, & baby girl needed some more diapers. We got directions to Trust Mart (think kooky Walmart). I think "Trust" comes from trusting that you'll be able to get there safely without getting run over.

Trust Mart is to the right of KFC. It is has a teeny-tiny store front, but once inside, it just goes on & on & on. So bizarre. But I found the diapers, so all is well.

Have I mentioned that Kemeri seems to love the water? Bath time is a very fun time, so I couldn't resist a few pictures of her sweet self.

Get ready, Daddy! Someone is practicing her phone calls to you!!

Night, night from Guangzhou!