Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Was a Good Day

Other than a minor hunger meltdown & having to attempt eating a spaghetti-type noodle concoction with chopsticks, it was a very good day. This was a "free day", so we headed off to the Safari Park with another family from our agency. The weather was beautiful, & we got to see LOTS of animals. According to our guide, this park is one of the 3 largest in the world.
Evidently we missed the memo that it was wear your yellow hat day. This picture really does not do justice to the sea of yellow-hatted people we saw.

Kemeri's wondering what's up with the yellow hat style, too.

Is it not the cutest?

Feeding the giraffes was definitely a highlight of this outing.

Even Kemeri wanted to get up close to the action. But seriously, look at that tongue. I couldn't decide if I should be grossed out or fascinated. I think Kade got slimed a couple of times.

And then this dude just cracked me up.

Kemeri is pointing at the elephants in this picture, but she did a lot of excited pointing all day. I hope this is a good indication of things to come when she meets Ella.

It was a busy day at the zoo, & she made it almost to the end.

Kade & my new friend Audrey's daughter, Allison, tried out a ride. Seemed like a lot of work to me, but Kade enjoyed it.

We no sooner got back to the hotel & Miss Thing was ready to be on the move again. Love her.

This was good news b/c Mama needed some Starbucks, & baby girl needed some more diapers. We got directions to Trust Mart (think kooky Walmart). I think "Trust" comes from trusting that you'll be able to get there safely without getting run over.

Trust Mart is to the right of KFC. It is has a teeny-tiny store front, but once inside, it just goes on & on & on. So bizarre. But I found the diapers, so all is well.

Have I mentioned that Kemeri seems to love the water? Bath time is a very fun time, so I couldn't resist a few pictures of her sweet self.

Get ready, Daddy! Someone is practicing her phone calls to you!!

Night, night from Guangzhou!


Jo's Corner said...

Kemeri is adorable! And, she really has connected quickly. I think it happened on Gotcha Day...that photo of the two of you crying together and she's looking at your face! Priceless! And, Kade! Oh, sweet Kade. He is such a beautiful boy. His spirit is so Christ-like. He seems to be a great travel buddy. You are doing a Fantastic job, Dardi! I'm praying, here in MN., for a safe journey home! Hugs ~ Jo

Sharon said...

Dardi, those pictures of her in the tub are adorable! Can't wait for you to get home! :)