Friday, March 16, 2012

In Beijing

I had thought I might post once more before leaving for China. Umm, nope. This was still all over my bed the night before our departure (the suitcases were already overflowing, but the odds & ends kept reappearing).

I was quite nervous about the weight of our bags, especially when my handy luggage scale gave a reading of 27 lbs. for each bag. I knew something wasn't right, but by then I had no choice but to hope for the best. The limit for international flights is 50 lbs, but I needed them to be no more than 44 lbs. b/c of weight restrictions on in-China flights.

Airport weigh-in: Bag 1--43.5 lbs, Bag 2--41.5 lbs. Alrighty then.

Kade was a champ with the travel & suddenly seems very grown up.

We made it to Beijing & are doing a "home stay" (think bed & breakfast). Joy & Michael are sweet people, & they are cooking us dinner right now. Tomorrow we will go to the Great Wall.

Please continue to pray for us, especially Kade as he's feeling a bit under the weather right now. I'm hoping after a night of sleeping in a bed we'll both feel refreshed & ready to go. I'm trying to enjoy each moment as we keep taking steps toward meeting our little girl (3 days, in case you're wondering!).


Sharon said...

SUPER excited for you!

Sandy said...

So excited for you. Tell Joy & Michael that Sandy & Steve said, Hi and Qiuwen is doing great!

Jami Lynn said...

Awesome!!! So excited!