Saturday, March 31, 2012


We arrived home Thursday night after a very, very, very loooong flight, preceded by a train ride, & followed by another flight that was delayed almost an hour. But we made it, & there's nothing better in the world than to come home to family.

Lil Miss was a champ with all the planes, trains, & automobiles, but when we hit our final plane ride, she was out before take-off. Bless her heart.

I'm pretty sure I was crying before I got off the plane. I was just so ready to see my family.

You're never too old to need a hug from your Daddy.

Sisters meeting for the first time.

Daddy missed this boy of ours.

Love this picture with my girls, but looking forward to a proper photo with my girls when Kaelee gets home from student teaching in SC.

We're going home.

Other than the jet lag, we are doing fine. I was pleasantly surprised at how Kemeri has taken to Joe & the other kids. In China, she wouldn't let anyone else push her stroller let alone hold her. I am not surprised, though, that she doesn't think much of Ella, our dog. Actually, she's completely freaked out by her. Hopefully sooner rather than later she'll realize Ella is ok.

I am beyond thankful to be home with my husband & kiddos. I look forward to being back on some type of normal sleep schedule, but in the meantime, I guess Kemeri & I will have blogging & goldfish cracker parties at 3 a.m. ;)


Shonni said...

I’m so glad that you are home. Congrats on your new little love!

connie said...

Praise the Lord! What a beautiful sight!!!! Praying you get some rest and chase off the ugly jet lag quickly. Thank you for allowing us to follow along, dear friend!

Sunflakes said...

I went to AU (I was in education) and also 5 stones so I knew of your family. I've been praying the whole while for you all. These pictures are so awesome. My heart is full of joy! God is so cool!

Annie said...

Congrats and Welcome home!!!!! love seeing the first moments of Kemeri meeting the whole family (well, almost :) just beautiful!!

Princess D said...

So glad you three are back home with the rest of the family (well most :)) Enjoy getting back into the swing of things!