Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beijing {Day 1}

Today was our first full day in Beijing. And, wow, what a day! It was like "power touring"...we did a lot! I was really hopeful to get to see as much as possible in our short window of time here, & God totally hooked us up. We are staying in the home of some wonderful people, & the fact that her American name is Joy is not lost on me (if you haven't read our journey to Kemeri, the links are over on the right..."joy" has been a big part of her story). God in the details. Anyway, when I told Joy we were hoping to do & see as much as possible, she was on it!
This is Joy's husband, Michael. He's a professional chef & has cooked some amazing food for us.

This was breakfast! I know, right?

And here we are on the cable cars to the Great Wall. It was sooo foggy today. Joy said there is always the usual smog, but this was really excessive. You can toboggan back down when you're done touring, but it was so foggy by the time we were finished that they had to shut it down. The fog didn't make for great pictures, but we had to admit that it was kinda cool. Added a sort of mystic feel to the whole experience.

Kade thought he'd check out the cannon. This next picture will forever be one of my favorite moments.

Yes, that is my son "Tebowing" on the Great Wall. I wish this picture came with audio b/c as we were taking it, a group of Chinese young adults came along & went crazy clapping & cheering & taking pictures, too. They kept saying, "So cool!"

LOTS of steps. Steep steps. I felt no guilt for how much breakfast I ate.
This is Joy. Did I mention she's awesome?

O - H - I - O

We got to stop & see the Bird's Nest. Again, still very foggy AND getting colder. My hair mixed with fog = wackadoodle bangs after awhile. Just sayin'.

Next we went to do a hutong tour. While in the area, we visited a market. Way too many vegetables & *ahem* other stuff for Kade. ;)

Oh no, she didn't.

Yes, I did. Three times now, as a matter of fact, without peeing all over myself. Why they think squatty potties are a good idea is beyond me, but whatever.

We got to see a drum show in the drum tower which was totally worth the climb of 70 VERY steep steps. And again, justified breakfast.

Yep, we rode in a rickshaw, too. Dude.

And we ended the night with an acrobat show.

Tomorrow we have several more things to experience before heading to the airport for our flight to Changsha. I am actually thankful for this crazy pace b/c it's making the time move right along, which brings us that much closer to Kemeri.


Keith, Deb, Emily, Jordan, Zachary said...

Oh my gosh! You must be exhausted! You did everything!

emariestar said...

Love it all!!! Thanks for sharing! SO excited for you!!! =)