Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Guangzhou!

For our last day in Changsha, we were scheduled to visit the Yuelu Academy. Fortunately, for the first day since we arrived there, the weather cooperated & we actually saw bits of sunshine. I finally learned that whatever the forecast said, count on the opposite. This day called for 90% chance of rain. Go figure.

We had our final lunch back at the hotel while we waited for it to be time to pick up Kemeri's passport & head to the airport.

This was our guide for the week, Celia, getting us checked in at the airport.

My friend, Amie, swears by lollipops. Up until now, I have not had occasion to need them. Buckling Kemeri into her seat on the plane turned into an occasion for the lollipop. She may or may not have had 4 of them before take-off. Don't judge. That seatbelt was causing some major stress, & the lollipop was the only remedy left in the arsenal.

We arrived safely in Guangzhou & our guide was there to meet us & get us to our hotel. After a decent night of sleep, we headed out for the medical appointment aka the biggest bullpen of chaos I have encountered outside of Changsha traffic. We are talking wall to wall people, crying kiddos, oh my. But you do whatcha gotta do.

I think I've mentioned that I was pleasantly surprised by Kemeri's size. Today confirmed the suspicions I had about her weight based on the cramping in my arms...The girl weighs 27 lbs! And the reason almost every pair of pants is too short on her is because she's 33.5 inches tall!

Yep, Kemmy, I agree with your thoughts of this whole thing.

But I hate to tell you that the TB test is still to come...

I was again surprised by this little girl of mine. When she got the needle stick for her TB test, she made a noise of dislike & then pointed to her arm with a look like, "Are you serious?? I'm completely annoyed by that." But no tears. Just a bit ticked for a few minutes.

Have I mentioned that it is sunny here & feels sooo good to be outside? Well, it is & it does & we headed to good old McDonald's. Kemeri & the french fry are getting along just fine.

My new friend, Holly, & her sister, Kim, lent me their stroller until I can get one purchased b/c Holly's little one doesn't care for it. Not only did it give my arms a break, but we were able to do a lot of walking, which was good for my soul and probably my lower half after all of the french fries we have eaten recently b/c we are a bit tired of everything unfamiliar or smothered in unfamiliar sauce.

Look what Kade found as we were out exploring...He is thrilled!!!

It's been a good first day in Guangzhou & the first step toward getting Lil Miss' visa done. We're getting together with some new friends for dinner & then hoping for another good night of sleep.

Please continue to pray for my family back home. I just got another message from Joe that Kendi now has the tummy bug, too. Just breaks my heart that it seems to be going through everybody. Thanks for continuing to pray for us here, too. It means a whole bunch!

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Marie said...

Love that you found some Pringles! Our boys were thrilled to find anything familiar while in China. Our youngest lost a fair bit of weight and yes, McDs is a lifesaver!