Monday, March 12, 2012

People Got Our Backs

3 days, people. We leave in 3 days. As you can imagine, I am running around like a crazed woman putting the finishing touches on packing. *ahem*

Anyway, I cannot stop thinking about something, so I decided I need to share because it is just that awesome! Yesterday, our church family prayed for us since Kade & I are leaving this week (did I mention in 3 days!?). What I didn't know until right before church was that Pastor Nate would be giving me the mic for a quick testimony. I love sharing about what an amazing God we cool to do that with our extended family! AND THEN...

They prayed. But not just a generic, quickie kinda prayer. But the kind where Pastor Nate invited anyone that wanted to come up & stand with us to pray. I am so thankful that our lead pastor's wife & another friend captured the moment for me to remember forever:

Notice you can't see us? That's because so many of these beautiful people had us SURROUNDED, which is not an easy feat with the number of people in our family. We are in the middle of all that love & prayer. And I know that it extends way beyond the physical circle in this picture. We have been blessed to hear from so many that are praying Kemeri home. We are covered, & I am now ready to go to China to bring home our baby girl.


Sharon said...

I absolutely LOVE this! Such a gift.

Jami Lynn said...

So excited to watch your journey! I will be praying for you !!!