Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Papers Are Signed

We spent the rest of yesterday hanging out in our room. We decided it might be best to keep things low key since life had changed in a big way for this little girl. We curled up together for a nap, but unfortunately, I had to get up b/c our guide came with paperwork & a banker to exchange money for me. I could not resist a picture of her sleeping...so sweet.

Our hotel gives guests slippers, & when I put mine on, Kemeri thought she needed to give it a go, too. She loves looking at herself in the mirror, & thought it was great that we both had our toes sticking out of these slippers.

She continues to just tease Kade by pointing & then burying her face when he comes near, but this morning, he discovered an in. Kemeri, meet the ipad & ipod. Hmmm, this dude is not half bad.

But then it was back to the pointing & teasing. Stinker.

We had to get around this morning for a trip back to the Civil Affairs office to sign the adoption paperwork.

We got up much too early this morning (Kade & I were up first, & I think she sensed us up, so she decided to join the party), so by the time we arrived, she was sound asleep.

I wasn't sure how she would react since the orphanage staff would be there, too. When she woke up, she was happy to see them, but when they put their arms out to hold her, she shook her head no. And she meant it.

We got everything signed & made it official with my thumbprint & her handprint. And that was that. So we headed off on quite the adventure to Walmart to buy new shoes for Lil Miss & a few snacks. THAT was interesting, & that's all I have to say.

Once back at the hotel, we decided to check out the indoor pool. Since the water was quite warm, we decided swimming sounded like something to try. Have I mentioned that the speaking of English is not real easy to come by at this hotel? After establishing that we would all need to have bathing caps (which I purchased), the gal then tries to tell me only 2 of us are allowed to swim free per room. She wanted to charge me over $10USD for the baby to swim. People, this mama is homesick, not adjusting well to the time change, & really in no mood for such nonsense. I don't get grumpy too often with people, but I think my feelings crossed all language barriers & she decided it really was not necessary to charge the baby. Bless her heart. And after all that, I went into the locker room to change in a very wide-open, non-private space, when here comes this same gal to hold the baby while I change. What the heck...I just showed her my grumpy self, why not my naked self, too? Oy.

We ended up having a good time swimming & then enjoyed another nap. Kemeri's preferred spot continues to be my lap, which is fine by me. They say Hunan girls are "spicey" b/c of their temperament, & I am seeing bits of this along the way. ;) On the flip side, we just got our first real laughing when I was changing her into her pajamas. Just so happens she is ticklish, & she has a great laugh.

Tomorrow is a free day, so our guide is going to come by & go shopping with us. I have thoroughly enjoyed having some relaxed time, but it will be nice to get out for a bit & explore the area.


Rebecca said...

What I would give to be in Changsha right now with you! All your talking about their "spicey" food has me missing my sweet Rita who lives there. She was one of our exchange students, as I mentioned before. I keep trying to figure out how we could get there from Chongqing, but it's just too far:( when they came here they brought with them these little packets of spicey meat.... Their version of beef jerky, I guess. They seriously do love ALL things spicey. I figure they must start them out that way pretty young. Anyhow, you guys seem to be doing wonderfully well. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Donna said...

I can sense you missing your other babies already. I too am afraid that will be me in a few weeks. Hang in there, you will be home before you know it and wishing yourself back in China ;)

It's a Wonderful Life said...

There is something about the hotel you are in and being alone that makes one very homesick. I understand what you are going through. I was there in September and will never forget that trip. It was hard. It's great that Kemeri is allowing you to love and comfort her. It sounds like you have a good guide. I am so happy for you. Mine was terrible.

Kemeri is beautiful and you are doing such a great job. :)


Anonymous said...

Laughed out loud at much of this... ah, the memories!! :) Gets me excited to go again! Had a similar debacle in a locker room myself a few years ago in Nanjing.
Congrats on the official day. Keep taking in each moment- it goes by quickly!

Holly said...

oh my goodness Dardi! You really undressed in front of her? And the NERVE to CHARGE you for an extra person to swim let alone a baby! aaaauuugggh! You will look back on all this and LAUGH one day. I can imagine your Wal-Mart experience. I've had a few myself in China ;) Thanks so much for sharing, it's like taking us with you on your journey. I remember both times how very very comforting comments and words from HOME were to me. I know some days seem to go on foreeeever but the trip will be over before you know it and you will long to go back. :) Big hugs, Holly (another BAAS Mommy)

emariestar said...

She is just beautiful!!! My heart melted when I read about how she already prefers her momma over the orphanage staff! Praying for you, friend...I still remember the emotions and exhaustion so well...