Monday, August 1, 2011

The Name


Picking Baby Girl's name has been quite a to-do.

But I think we finally have it. Funny, once we picked the middle name, then the first name was much easier. So, I'll begin with the middle name.

Just like with the moment God started working on me about the adoption of Kendi through a bible verse, so it was this time, too. With Kendi, the key word was "Hope", so it was really important for us to use that as her middle name. With Little K, the key word was "Joy". However, as much as I wanted to use it, Joy is also the middle name of one our nieces. We've shared names a few times in this family, so I know it would not have been a big deal to use Joy, but something didn't feel quite right.

Then the *DUH* moment...there have to be names that mean "joy". Yes, duh...

So, I began looking, but didn't have to look far. There it was, & it was perfect.


"The source of a father's joy"

Better mom's middle name is Gail, which is a form of Abigail.

We've honored our dads through our sons' middle names, so we are so excited to give our sweet little girl a very special middle that God knew all along!

And once we figured that out, the rest just fell into place. So, here are a few of the pictures from my first introduction post. If you remember, those pictures didn't load so well, so I'm reposting thanks to an advocate/friend forwarding them to me. They are the first pictures we saw when we fell in love with our girl.

We'd like to introduce . . .

Kemeri Abigail

We already love you, sweet girl, & we're working hard to jump through all of the hoops to get to you & bring you home!


Meredith said...

Your post just gave me goose bumps!! Super excited for you all!! And super happy to see another super cute addition to your clan! What great blessings you will be to eachother.

Ashley said...

Just Perfect! She is so beautiful ~ I do love her name.

Hope for Elisyn said...

Perfect!!! Absolutely love it, and she is just a beauty! Congrats Dardi!

Christie said...

Love it! Praying fervently for you! Can't wait to see how the Lord brings it all together!

Love you!

Sharon said...

oh-I love the meaning of Abigail. Precious.

Hoping all of your paperwork and other things are coming together.

Sharing Life and Love said...

Love that you are honoring your mom with your sweet baby girl Kemeri Abigail.

Thanks for sharing her sweetness with all of us.


Amy said...

LOVE IT. Unique and adorable. Praying for you guys!

Kasey said...

I love it, love it, love it! :) She is so very precious!

Chris said...

Dardi, she is absolutely adorable.

Love her name! Perfect!

What is your timeline?

Dardi said...

Chris, our HS was just finished & is at BAAS for review, but that person is out of the office until the 10th & then it may be 2 weeks after that before we get approval (ugh). Hoping to send I800a before the month is over. We would love to bring her home before she turns 2 in March, but everything would have to move along.