Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Princess is 4

Kaya Ashley Faith turned 4 years old on Saturday.

And today marks the day that she came into our lives 4 years ago.

We feel unbelievably blessed to be called Mommy & Daddy by this little girl.

She thought a pink candle was necessary in the top of her ice cream bar.

This birthday was full of princesses, barbies, & make-up.

Suddenly, she's not a baby anymore. She loves all things pink & that sparkle, & she can hula hoop like nobody's business.

Princess Kaya & Her Court

We love you, Kaya Ashley Faith!!!!


one + one said...

Happy birthday, Kaya!

Christie said...

She is SO beautiful! What a blessing! Happy Belated Birthday, Kaya!

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday and homecoming day Kaya!! And Dardi - Kaya has turned into such a precious little lady, good job Mama

Sophie said...

Happy birthday to your princess, she is a beauty!