Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sharing Special Traditions

At the risk of being considered MIA, I thought I'd finally get something posted. I find myself just looking at my children, in complete wonder of how our family can look so different in just a year's time.

No family is perfect, including ours, but life is filled with perfect moments. Like our recent trip to the Christmas tree farm. This is a tradition that I cherish.

This year was no exception. While my children were in rare form & the pictures are filled with many very goofy moments, it was an absolutely perfect day! I love to watch the kids laughing & having fun together! :o)

And once again, K'Tyo took this new experience like every other one--totally in stride, enjoying it all!

I absolutely love these next two pictures! K'Tyo was totally into helping Daddy with the tree, & it just melted my heart (read: I got all choked up & mushy again!).

Hoping to enjoy some cookie baking soon along with some other fun family stuff! Hope you are enjoying the perfect moments that come your way each day!


Sharon said...

I LOVE these pictures-looks like a lot of fun!

Amy said...

So much laughter and fun! Just enjoy the season- it does by way too quickly anyway. Miss you sweet friend!

NANCY said...

Love your pictures!