Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Lot Changes in a Year

Here are 7 of my 8 reasons to celebrate Mother's Day!

I am thankful every day to watch these children grow. And reason #8 that's missing from the picture? (aka Kaelee) She's up & left the nest for her senior year of college. *sniff*

Last year, I spent the majority of Mother's Day on an airplane.

Many, many miles, several time zones, & an ash cloud delay later, this was Mother's Day for me. It was a day I will never forget.

Just for fun, I took a picture of K'Tyo in the pants he was wearing one year ago today. He thought I was a bit loco, but we had a few laughs about it.

To make up for the silly dress-up, we pulled out the special duds. Is he not growing up & as handsome as can be??

In a way, I can't believe it's been a year already that we came home from Ethiopia, but on the other hand, it seems like he's been here forever.


Annie said...

Happy Forever Family :) He's growing up so quickly!!! We must have a play date this summer :)

Sharon said...

Wow- you're right, so much change in one year. So, so happy for you all!

Christie said...

Wow, yes, a lot changes in a year!! He is so handsome!

Happy Mother's Day, friend!

Love you!

one + one said...

Can't believe how big he's getting! Happy mother's day to you, Dardi. :)

Alicia said...

Happy Mother's Day Dardi! Thank you for the photos and information you so kindly sent to us about Joshua while you were in ET a year ago. The pictures you sent have continued to be treasures. You were such an encouraging balm in those last days of waiting for me.