Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'lubby dubbies'

Don't you love the baby talk vocab that infiltrates your world when little people come along?  Well, we've been at this baby thing for quite a few years, so we've got a pretty extensive collection of little sayings that are part of any given conversation.  It's kind of funny when some of the older kids' friends are over & try to figure out such lingo as "poo tinkies" & other fun things.

Here, we have Kaelee doing "paind-os".

Hanging with "Bubby" & his friends.

"Queezers" with Baby Jo-Jo & KiKi.

A bit of nigh-nigh-nappy action (complete with an obviously full suitcase??).

Reading "Bown Moo"

And every day is incomplete without lots of "lubby dubbies".

Funny how on lots of days, this language is what makes the most sense to me!  It may be summer break, but I'm still waiting to see the break part.  I have a lot of thoughts I'd like to share, but they haven't quite made their way to a coherent post.  In the meantime, I will just keep sharing pictures that make me smile so you know I haven't gone missing in my laundry room. 


Rebecca said...

Ha! I SO relate!!!

Anne said...

Cute! Love the pics of your sweet family :)

Sharon said...

I'm right with you-the last paragraph! :)