Wednesday, August 21, 2013

back to school days

It all started Monday.  Kam & her best friend, Dante, headed off as college freshmen (they are both commuting).  Never too old for a first day of school pic! :)
Tuesday, K'Tyo headed off to 2nd grade.
Today, Kade began his 8th grade year.  Doesn't he look excited?
Yes, somehow he escaped the obligatory first day of school picture on the porch, so I pulled out my phone to snap some in the car & he opted to do selfies, & this is what I get.  Goober.
And Kaya started kindergarten!!!  I can't even believe it.
Kendi & Kemeri were all smiles here getting ready to walk the kids to the bus.  Those smiles quickly turned into wailing as they had to watch their beloved partners in crime sister & brother leave them for the day.  Seriously, they cried all the way from the corner back to the house.
And then there's this one.  Kyler is a senior!!!!  What?!?!
One beginning grade school & another one finishing.  And 2 of my babies are no longer students at all!  Kaelee & Kearsten are beginning their first year as teachers.  Maybe Kendi & Kemeri had the right idea with their pouty faces & tears.  This mommy heart is a strange thing as it feels so much joy & sadness all at the same time.  Mercy.

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