Tuesday, December 17, 2013

an early gift

Here's the thing.  I have always loved animals for as long as I can remember.  However, as our family has changed & grown (& grown), having pets was not on my list of priorities or desires.  Three years ago, my husband & children horn-swoggled me into adding a puppy to the mix.  Ella entered our family right after K'Tyo came home & right before Kendi came along.  I'm pretty sure I was out of my mind, but truly, Ella is the best dog!!
Kameryn has also had a very big heart for animals, & last Christmas she begged to get a black pug from one of Kade's classmates.  She pled her case with the argument that she'd be living at home while attending college, so it would ease the pain of not having the full campus-life experience (eye roll).  Let's just say that Joe is not very good at saying no.  So Daisy is part of our family for the next few years until Kameryn graduates.
Anyway, a few months back, Kearsten moved into her own place in SC where she is teaching & decided she was ready to have a dog.  She found an awesome dog through a rescue.  His story is so sad, but he is the happiest guy.  For some reason, this just really struck a chord with me.  I was inspired to start looking at rescue dogs.  Joe pretty much thought I had gone mad, especially after we had a bad experience a couple years ago with someone not being honest about a dog's disposition with children & other animals.  I guess in every bad thing there is good b/c I learned that you need to ask way more questions & trust your instincts about the dynamics of your family combined with the personality/needs of the dog.  We met some awesome people involved in rescue & met a couple of sweet dogs, too, but one didn't do real well when he met the little ones & the other didn't think much of Ella.  About 2 weeks ago, we connected with a family that needed to find a new home for their boxer.  When we saw a picture of him, I about fell out of my chair.  He was sitting with another boxer & a pug!  He also has the same coloring as Ella (reverse brindle, which looks black & white).  He's also only 9 months old, but bigger than Ella.  We agreed to meet since we would be in the same city due to an appointment with one of Kemeri's specialists.  What a day that was!  Kemeri's appointment went way over, & then when we got outside, we discovered it had been snowing.  A lot.  We went ahead & made our way to meet "Gus".  Honestly, we almost said no.  When he was brought outside, he was freaking out.  It was like he knew something was up, & he was obviously attached to his owner.  Maybe that's why we ultimately agreed to give it a try?  I don't know, but we agreed to take him home & somehow convinced him to get in the van.
He insisted on sitting between the car seats, which was fine with the girls (especially Kemeri).
Kemeri seemed to know that he needed some reassurance & TLC.
And the rest is history.  Within a day, he acted like he's always known Ella, the kids, & us!
He also thinks his 55-60ish pound self is a lap dog.
And he rides in the front seat to drive the kids around like it's his job.
And he even decided just now that he ought to share the chair with me while blogging.
Gus, Gus-Bus, Gusters, Augustus...We're glad he found us & that we found him! <3 p="">

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