Monday, October 20, 2014

celebrating royalty

My youngest baby isn't much of a baby anymore.  Miss Kendi Hope turned 4 years old last weekend!

She is a self-proclaimed princess, which I believe suits her just fine.

She lives big...and loud!! :o)

She loves even bigger . . .

Like many little girls, she is all about Frozen, so she was quite giddy about getting Frozen undies!

The Queen Elsa doll that sings the theme song from Frozen was also a hit.

She only had one birthday request, & that was for an Elsa dress AND an Anna dress, because she couldn't be Elsa without her sister, Anna (which is always played by Kemeri)!!

This was by far the favorite gift, & right after this moment, she promptly handed Kemeri the Anna dress.  Like I said, she loves big.

Reese cupcakes were the requested birthday treat.

My precious Kendi Hope, you are beautiful inside & out.  We love your sweet, sassy spirit with all our hearts & are blessed by your wonderful self!

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