Thursday, February 5, 2015

just thankful

Thankful for moments to enjoy with my littlest girls and Daddy at the theater.

Thankful for a Daddy that is brave enough to take 4 kiddos to the grocery & have fun doing it.

Thankful for delight in something as simple as Christmas lights brought out on a snowy January night.

Thankful for a teenage son that has a heart for his family.

Thankful for this crazy dog that seems to know when someone isn't feeling quite right & makes himself snuggler extraordinaire.

Thankful that these two are more than brother & sister...they are friends.

Thankful for the moments not caught in pictures...siblings (big & little) curled up watching movies with each other, hearing my kids laugh together, text messages from my oldest daughters, friends that pray for, encourage, & challenge me....What are you thankful for today?

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Sharon said...

Love this, Dardi. xo