Thursday, April 9, 2015

a recap of surgery day

We were up bright and early at 5:00 a.m. this morning and out the door by 5:40 a.m.  We had to be at the hospital at 7:10.  Kemeri was such a trooper about the early road trip.

Once checked in, she was dismayed to discover plain blue jammies laid out for her.  She wanted to know where the ones with sparkles were.

Her special item of choice to keep with her today was her dolly she just got for her birthday (remember, the one with a hand and scar just like her!).

Sparkles were heavy on this child's mind.  When they asked her what color cast she might like, she immediately said, "Pink AND purple WITH sparkles".  Hmmm.  I happened to look into the gift shop while walking downstairs, and this guy caught my eye.  Pink, purple, AND sparkles.  Being tired and having one's baby in surgery for 4 hours is not a good recipe for restraint, so of course I did.  I was also concerned that the request for the multi-colored cast complete with sparkles may have been too tall an order.

Behold, a pink AND purple cast for my girl AND her special doll.  Not only that, the doctors dug around and found a silver sharpie to draw a flower on each cast for "sparkle". Bless them.

The doctors (she has 2 specialists) were happy with the tendon transfer and feel it is well secured in her thumb.  They were both fascinated, though, because as they were examining the options, they discovered that Kemeri is missing the nerve that most people have in that part of the hand.  The reason they were fascinated is because by all rights, she should have no feeling in her thumb.  That's not a good thing, especially in children because they are unaware of injury or inadvertently causing harm to an extremity.  However, she has some kind of sensation going on there.  What an amazing blessing!

Sweet girl asked, "You come snuggle 'wif' me?"  So, into her hospital bed I went.  I am reminded in these moments when all she wants is the comfort of Mommy just how very far we've come.  Love her beyond words.


kayder1996 said...

I think limb difference kiddos are always an "adventure" when it comes to surgery. Zeke's hand that he had surgery on has a ton of vascular stuff crammed into a really small space. Glad she's done with surgery and that all seems to have gone well. In another unrelated bit, someone else just posted a link to your blog on FB. It was showing the picture of Kemeri with her just like me doll post surgery. I couldn't figure out why the picture looked so familiar until I checked in to see how surgery went.

Sharon said...

Oh, I love that picture of the two of you - beautiful in so many ways. And, the casts are perfect!