Monday, September 14, 2015

back to school...back to blogging

I took the whole summer off of blogging!  Sorry, but not sorry.  While I wish I had bunches of pictures tucked safely here, I'm also glad for just being in the moments.  Our summer was relatively simple, but simple is good.  We did take one trip with Daddy on business, which was great...I will probably post about that another day because we visited some pretty significant sites.  For now, I will share that all my babies (including the grown-up variety) are back to school.  Due to new buildings being constructed, our younger kiddos didn't get back to school until last about a staggered start!  From the third week of August until last week, it felt like someone in our crew was heading back to school.

Kyler & Kameryn, Sophomores in College

Kearsten, Intervention Specialist, SC

Kaelee (& her beautiful friends/co-workers), 1st Grade Teacher, Ohio
At this point, I just want to say that I LOVE that my girls still send me a back-to-school picture, even though they are the teacher now!

Kade, Sophomore

K'Tyo, 4th Grade....Kaya, 2nd Grade

Kendi & Kemeri, Pre-Kindergarten

Back-to-school time always brings a lump to my throat while also making my heart swell with joy as I see each of my children continue to blossom into the people God has created them to be.

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Laurel said...

LOVE the back-to-school photos of your adult children. Super fun!