Thursday, December 3, 2015


Family time is truly the most wonderful time.  We were blessed to have all of the kids together for Thanksgiving, and almost everybody for the traditional trek to the Christmas tree farm. 

This was our first Christmas tree adventure in the rain, but the big boys were insistent that we needed to go while Kearsten was at home (how can you say 'no' to that!?).  We headed out on the horse drawn wagon, found the perfect tree, forgot where we saw the perfect tree after walking all over to see if there was a more perfect tree, and then rode the wagon back to the barn to choose a "misfit" tree.  It's perfect.




I treasure our family adventures.  Like our crazy tree, they are imperfectly perfect and bring a smile to my heart.

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Alicia said...

That sounds so fun! We have no local tree farms, so picking a tree consists of driving to Menards. Luckily our kids don't know the difference!