Saturday, October 3, 2009

Over Another Hurdle...Heading for The Finish

I was completely exhausted yesterday, so I am just now posting this news. It truly has felt like a marathon of sorts, but we are almost there!! We have been officially "matched" with Punkie, and we have signed the paperwork accepting her as our adoptive placement! Yay, God!!!

We have been hoping to have her adopted before the end of the year, and the court date has been set for December 2. However, our caseworker has been working so hard and said she was actually hoping we might get it in November b/c that is National Adoption Month. Well, our attorney marched straight over to the court, and they have an opening on November 4th. Oh, mercy, wouldn't that be wonderful!?! We will have to wait until Monday to see if our caseworker is agreeable with this because that is really quick and she does have certain paperwork that she has to have submitted 20 days prior to finalization. We would appreciate prayers...I believe with God, nothing is impossible!

I am still not able to share her name & pictures, but hopefully soon!!

Be Blessed ~ Dardi

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Kimmie said...

Yeah...wonderful news and what a gift from God!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted