Monday, March 15, 2010

Out of My Comfort Zone--The Financial Faith Walk

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination, full of hope.
~Maya Angelou

A friend on an adoption yahoo group posted this quote, & it is so true, especially in the face of the many ups, downs & arounds in the world of adoption. One of the biggest hurdles for most adoptive parents is the financial aspect. This is not a fun subject for anybody because we link much of our life's security with our money, myself included. However, even bigger than my fear of financial stuff is my fear of missing out on the blessing of following God's call on my life to provide a family to children. Everyone is called to something different; this just happens to be my calling, & in the last several years, I have embraced it. And the very amazing, beautiful thing is that my husband & every one of our children have embraced it, as well. So much so, that this is where I become uncomfortable:

My daughter, Kearsten, has started a Facebo*k page about our family's current adoption & is requesting donations. Did you notice the ChipIn button on the right? Yep, that's what that's all about. And to top it off, she suggested I start a FB page, too, so I can find friends & link up the page, etc. Seriously, people, just typing that makes my heart race, my palms sweat, butterflies are in my stomach....... I am not kidding!! Why?

Because I am afraid.

I'm a grown woman, for goodness sake. Why would I be afraid?? Probably because I am now stepping out of my comfort zone & flying above the radar. We previously sent out mission letters because our pastor had suggested it, but that seemed "safe". It went to people I see a lot, that know our family well. It was still hard, but they have mostly been supportive of what can appear to be a crazy type of life. Now, though, I feel as though I've just stripped down to my undies & put myself out there for scrutiny. *sigh* I'm sweating again.

So, all night I was wrestling with this decision to do this when I woke up this morning to find that someone I don't even know already joined us in our journey to bring our son home. SAY WHAT!? Truly, I have been so humbled by the generosity of others, & maybe that's right where God wants me: Humble, experiencing what it feels like to be on the receiving end of others' support, whether it is emotional or financial, & not being in the mindset of, "I'll do it myself". And in the words of my sweet daughter, "Mom, you're giving people the opportunity to be part of our lives & our journey. Some people might not be called to actually bring a child home to care for 24/7, but they might feel like they want to help a child become part of a family."

I sure love that girl. And guess what!? I did that FB page, & I've already got some friends, God bless them. Now I don't feel like a complete goober. :o)

So, if you've stopped by my blog from FB, or if you've been hanging out with me for awhile, I appreciate your interest in this journey. Whether you contribute to our fund or not, I love connecting with old & new friends to share the crazy beauty of this adventure we're on!

“Adopting one child won’t change the world,

but for that child, the world will change.”


Christie said...


I'm so glad you're on this "journey" at the same time...gosh, Lord, why can't this be easy!!!?

Well, although I'm excited and fearful at the same, I know (you know) that God will do exceedingly more than we can ever think!! Awesome, I'm ready!

And isn't it the GREATEST feeling when you get that first donation from a stranger!!?

Praying for you!

Adeye said...

Oh you are just so amazingly precious! I LOVE your sweet heart. Yep--this adoption things sure is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g experience :)

rrpr6 said...

You are in my prayers today . I pray, Lord, for peace and contentment, and learning to rest in your care.........not questioning but accepting all that comes with this roller coaster ride! From the top of the highest mountain to the fast furious curves in the track to the complete journey........ soon you will say........WHAT A RIDE!!!AMEN

Sharon said...

Dardi, I can't wait to see how God will provide for you!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great post! Right there with you. It is TOUGH to "ask for money".

When we started our adoption journey we already had 10 bio. kids, and no money in the bank for an international adoption (much less enough to bring home 3 siblings). But, we knew that God was calling.

A month after we started the process (totally stepping out in faith for the finances) we met a couple. The Lord put it on their hearts that they were to help fund our adoption. They wrote a check for $15,000. Yes ... our jaws dropped in AWE of what the LORD had done.

Then, the Lord gave us extra jobs and things to bring in the additional $10,000 that we needed. Truly amazing!

God sometimes provides through extra work. God sometimes provides through anonymous gifts. God sometimes provides through Paypal. God sometimes provides through new Facebook Friends. But, what I know is that ... God ALWAYS provides for the journeys that He calls us to.


Laurel :)