Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kyler & K'Tyo!!!

Funny thing...Out of all the days in the year, the Ethiopian government decided to give K'Tyo the same birthday as Kyler. Go figure.

Kyler is a good sport & doesn't mind sharing. So, over the weekend, we did a bit of celebrating early for these boys. K'Tyo has been patiently waiting his turn for a birthday since coming home.

I'm not gonna lie. These last few days have totally caught me off guard emotionally. I can't seem to keep from choking back tears at any given moment. First, my oldest son is now 15 years old & bigger than I am. Crazy. And then you throw my youngest son into the mix with his excited anticipation of having a birthday party for the first time with our family. It just totally got to me!

It was right after this picture was taken that it hit me. We were singing, & K'Tyo looked me square in the eyes with so much joy. Beforehand, he had asked for cupcakes, so when they were made, he was so excited & kept saying, "You made those for me?!" And then when it was his turn for "Happy Birthday", that look on his face will forever be etched in my brain. He liked his presents, for sure. But even more, he really seemed to grasp that he was being celebrated.

Kyler & K'Tyo ~ We celebrate you & all that you are!
We love you!!!


one + one said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful boys!! (I totally get the choking up... did the same when we celebrated Abel's first birthday. I was a basketcase.) :)

emariestar said...

Brought tears to my eyes!!!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to both the 15 and 5 year olds! That is so crazy they have the same bday!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dardi...That is great! Happy Birthday to both of the boys. How exciting! It brought tears to my eyes to read how he looked into your eyes. Every since meeting you in Oct. I have been following your blog. Thanks for sharing. Missy