Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lots of Life

Basketball, basketball, & more basketball (Kam & Kade).

New apartment (Kaelee). Tears, but happy for her...this is what she wanted to do for her last year of college.

Rugby (my crazy KiKi).

Need to get to some shopping for Kyler...holy growing up!!

A bit of warm weather & sunshine, so little people have enjoyed some play time.

Husband working hard in his doctoral program.

A certain little "tunky-taters" has cut two teeth!!

And a busy Mama, loving life, but just too busy lately to put forth coherant thoughts in limited amounts of time! I do try to check in on many of you, though, because that's easy to do one-handed! ;o)

Be back, hopefully sooner vs. later, with some pictures!


Adeye said...

Rugby??????? Fantastic sport :)

I so understand about busy times, friend.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

No apologies necessary.

I understand busy. :)

We are in the middle of spring sports right now, which means 6 baseball games per week (3 kids), 2-4 track meets per week (2 kids), plus multiple practices per week. And ... child #6 should be starting baseball this week, as well. Keeps us BUSY, but we LOVE it.

We ALL spent 7 hours at a high school track meet yesterday (with 25 teams). It was COLD and LONG, but we do so enjoy spending time as a FAMILY and CHEERING for one another.

And ... the new apartment ... oh how I understand the "moving on" stage. Our Big Kids have come and gone for 8 years now, but we've always had 1 or 2 around. Just last week, the last of the 6 Big Kids left the county. We have NO MORE BIG KIDS even living in the area. So sad. So hard. We miss them dearly. But, we are excited for all that the Lord is doing in them and through them, as young adults.

Hope your coming week is BLESSED, even though it may be BUSY.


Laurel :)