Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Love My "Job"

I mean, seriously, how could I not love it?? Today, I got to go to the park, be out in the fresh air & sunshine, watch these sweet girls play, & feed the ducks. Yes, there are days like yesterday when I am climbing Mt. Laundry Pile, but it's these days that make it all worth it!

For those of you that have asked, we are very happy with the decision to keep Kaya home instead of sending her to preschool. She is returning to her happy self, & we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the right thing for our girl right now! And honestly, I am loving it & I think Kendi is thankful!!


Jane said...

First off, Kaya's hair is amazing!
Secondly, I'm amazed at your ability to recognize that preschool was a problem and be ok with pulling her out. I feel like so many people(including myself) are way to scared to follow their gut when it come to what their kids is "supposed" to be doing.

emariestar said...

LOVE it!!!

Alicia said...

So good to read about a mom loving their job! I am extra sensitive to momma's complaining abouy being momma's and about their kids these days as I just had to return to work. Liking my job, but missing being a full time mommy terribly and feeling like every fb status I read is a mom complaining about being a mom! It is wonderful to see someone being positive about motherhood!