Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She's a Year Old!!

Today, Kendi Hope is a year old!

And, oh, how we love her bunches!!

We had the chance to tag along with Daddy last week on a business trip that took us by way of one of our favorite places...Hilton Head Island.

It was extra special to be there with our little punkin for the first time. We spent much time on this very beach last summer lifting up prayers about the baby we only knew in our hearts.

How blessed our lives have been by the answer to those prayers.

She was completely fascinated by the water. I was lucky to get these pictures b/c she was on a mission.

Her serious face just cracks me up.

It was a sweet time for the sisters. The bigger kids had to stay home for school.

Miss Kendi finally got her way...the photo op was over & it was time to sit down in that water!

No words necessary. ;o)

Looks like she's running, doesn't it? That's b/c she is.

I could not resist a few more tutu shots on our last day.

Happy, happy birthday sweet girl! We all love your happy, sassy presence in our family...We have been so blessed by you!


The Hatley Home said...

She is so adorable!! Love the outfits:))


Jane said...

Happy birthday Kendi, I could eat her up:)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Kendi! I can't believe it's already been a year-crazy!

emariestar said...

SO beautiful!!! Happy birthday, sweet girl! =)

Meredith said...

Little girls in tutu's are the best!! Happy 1st Birthday Kendi!