Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Ice Cream, Presents, & Cake

In that order.

Kendi's 1st birthday was this past Tuesday, but we waited to officially celebrate until last night. Kameryn & Kade decided the occasion could not go without some kind of somethin', so they ran to the golden arches & got the birthday girl her very own ice cream cone.

I'd say that was ok by her.

Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa for a bag as big as she is!

And she thought the pillow pet was pretty awesome, too!

She was digging the cell phone...does this mean everyone else's is safe now?

The wayward flip-flop was not part of this gift. Nice.

And then there was cake!

She was a bit disappointed when the candle was out....

...but the disappointment was short-lived. Seven other children, & this was our first time witnessing this cake-eating technique. Loved it.

She went in for a bite over, & over, & over again.

I think I quite liked her technique. Notice the hands & clothes stayed chocolate-free!

Happy Birthday, Kendi Hope! We love you!!!

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Sunday Snapshot


ShonEjai said...

A very beautiful family!

emariestar said...

Oh my - her cake eating is the cutest thing EVER!!! =)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Kendi! You have a beautiful family, sweet girl!

Merrill said...

What a great cake-eating technique she has! She is precious! Hope your cell phones stay safe...mine never did! ;)

Amy said...

Oh my word that picture of her eating the cake was PRICELESS!!! She is such a gift!!! Love you and miss you!!!

Jami Lynn said...

So SWEET!!! What a blessing!!!