Monday, December 5, 2011

Questions Answered

I've had 2 questions recently:

  1. Where have you been??

  2. A new blog friend (Hi, Ruth!) read about our youngest girls' names & wondered about K'Tyo's name...where it comes from, how you say it, & what it means. I couldn't believe I had never blogged about it, but looking back, I can't find a post about it anywhere! I am blaming jet lag after we came home with him for my oversight. :o)

Ok, answer to first question: Trying to keep my head above water! If you've been reading my blog, you know that the hubs is pursuing his doctoral degree. Well, this past Saturday was a big day as the first of 3 major events in this program is now under his belt. Since beginning the program almost 2 years ago, he has been working on a mentorship project, which was presented to an audience of peers, colleagues, & professors. Also necessary was the completion of a ginormous binder (we're talking 6 inches, people) of supporting documents, a 5-page executive summary, a 20+ page integration paper, complete with research & citations, & a power point. Makes me tired just typing such things. The blessing has been that Daddy has modeled hard work & determination to give his best, & it turned into quite the family affair. Kaelee & Kearsten were such a blessing with proofreading, Kam helped retrieve the lost power point (don't ask), Kyler & Kade were rock stars with the littles on a few occasions when needed. And the littles were full of hugs & kisses, which are a wonderful remedy to weariness.

Throw in the start to Kam's basketball season, & you've got the makings for a few weeks of CRAZY! But, we press on. I'm proud of Joe for working so hard. He is a humble man, & not much interested in throwing around titles, but we know God has put a mission in his heart to help people work with wounded children, so this is a necessary step in lending credibility to his work. Not gonna lie, though, when Saturday was over, there was a huge sense of relief & we are very much looking forward to the break!

Now, about K'Tyo's name . . .

K'Tyo's name is pronounced /k/ tie-yo. Honestly, we weren't sure what we were doing about his name before leaving for Ethiopia. For us, it was hard because he was 4 years old at the time, & obviously had quite the personality. All of our children's names begin with a "K", so we wanted to incorporate that somehow (how we got going on K's is still a mystery). His Ethiopian name is Sintayehu, which means "much I have seen" (pretty intense, huh?). We love it's significant meaning, but knew in America it would be butchered. Shoot, it took us forever just to find out how it was being pronounced, & it seems it can be pronounced a couple of ways, but for our son, the end sounded like "Ty-o". Kade came up with the idea of putting a K on the front, & when we met him, suddenly it just worked. It just seemed to fit him, & he latched onto it right away. As a matter of fact, someone called him Sintayehu, & he quickly corrected them. I have no idea if he just liked K'Tyo, if he noticed that everyone else's name sounds the same at the beginning (he is a bit of a smarty pants, so I wouldn't doubt this), or what. As for his middle name, when adopting from Ethiopia & they issue their official papers, they automatically use their Ethiopian name first & then give them the adoptive father's first name as the middle name. I'm not sure how it works for the girls, but that's what happens with the boys. We decided that K'Tyo Joseph had a nice ring to it. Kam happens to be named after Daddy (Kameryn Jo), but she said she didn't mind at all, & it seemed almost fitting that they would share a similar middle name since she is the sibling that traveled to Ethiopia with me to bring him home. So there you have it...great question! Thanks for asking!!

And now, a few pictures from Thanksgiving since I have not posted a thing about it! We had a wonderful day. At the request of the older kiddos, we had Thanksgiving at home this year, & it was a great success. Loved enjoying the day with my husband & children, though we did miss extended family.

The oldest girls helped with desserts, & Kaya was not about to be left out. This is "Pumpkin Dump Cake" & she was able to make it almost all by herself!

I did not have to look far to find reasons to be thankful!

Laughter is the best!!!

And there's really nothing better than sharing a plate of Doritos in your jammies!

What a motley crew!

I would have to say that the next picture is a truer representation of how we roll around here.

Very thankful for this family of mine! I will share some pictures from our outing for the Christmas tree soon!


As a side note, I am honored to have a post on Adeye's blog today. Her heart has been such an inspiration & encouragement to me!


Ruth said...

thanks for answering the question about K'Tyo's name. I was close on the pronunciation :o)
My baby(3)'s name is Tye.
I have a daughter(10) who seems similar to your Kam in clothing choices (I loved her formal dance post, and how her partner and good friend found the dress for her, and how she only wore it for the shortest necessary time, and I noticed her flipflops... that would so be my dd too!) I have despaired a bit in that she is so uninterested in wearing anything feminine or pretty. She is very sporty, and seeing your Kan rock her sweats has encouraged me to just let our dd embrace hers. Well she does already, but me :o)

I found your blog through Adeye's yesterday. Loved reading about your family

Maddy said...
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blessedmomto8 said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! After readign Adeyes blog...YOU are cracking me up! I almost had THE EXACT same feeling/hubby about Ethiopia when God changed OUR PLANS! It was like I was reading your story that ALSO HAPPENED TO Me LOL! GOD IS GOOD!

Anonymous said...

I might be missing something here but you changed your son's name because people wouldn't know how to say it, to something you need to put up a pronouncation guide for?

Dardi said...

K'Tyo is much easier to figure out than Sintayehu, & the spelling is shorter. Most people say it correctly, but out of courtesy, they ask to make sure. In addition, we wanted his name to begin with "K" like his siblings, but wanted to keep some of his Ethiopian name, too. There are lots of name debates when adopting. Some keep the child's name, some completely change it. We felt like this was the best of both. :)