Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Oh, yes, we did!!! I was getting ready to make the frosting so we could decorate the cut-out cookies last night. I turned on the computer in the kitchen for some Christmas music, & decided to check my email real quick. Not much shocks me, but I let out a yell...poor Joe thought I had hurt myself! We only waited 36 days...that's about half of the current average. I did not even have any of the necessary paperwork for this step ready, & any of you that know me know that I'm all about having the paperwork ready!'s been a busy day, but I'm on my way to send off the next round of papers. Feeling VERY thankful & excited to be taking this big step toward Kemeri coming home!


Sharon said...

Yay! Super exciting!!!

Karen said...


The Hatley Home said...

That is awesome... and super fast!!! We should be DTC next Friday, and I hope that speedy LOA trend rubs off on us:))))

Merry Christmas!!!!!

connie said...

WOW!!!! That's what I call a Christmas present! Congratulations!!!

Janine said...

Such exciting news!!! Rejoicing with you xxx

Also - thank you for your love and encouragement today. As always - such a balm to my heart. Sending you a really big hug.

Love Janine