Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catching Up {Christmas in Pictures}

If you need an excuse to sit down for a minute, you've come to the right place!

Being that it's already New Year's day, I thought it's now or never for posting the Christmas pictures. Getting that LOA from China right before Christmas put this mama into the best kind of tailspin. :)

So as not to make this post resemble a novel, the pictures are plenty & the words are few.

You're welcome.

Books & jammies are the Christmas Eve tradition. We've been reminiscing about how I used to dress the 3 oldest the same for special occasions when they were little. Oh, yes I did.

Another Christmas Eve tradition: The kids have a gift exchange. They each draw the name of a sibling at Thanksgiving. Kyler got Kaya, & Kaya was most pleased with her gift. Yep, she's a Bieber fan.

Ahhh, Christmas morning. 5:17 a.m. Christmas morning. Five.Seven.teen. And this was not Kaya & K'Tyo's idea. This early morning awakening was instigated by the teen/adult child sector.

Kaya looks a bit sleepy, don't ya think?

This was the ONLY gift Kendi perked up for...she loves her some basketball! She got a dolly, too, but thought it was only good for slam dunking in the hoop.

Not a ninja. Just a cool ski mask.

These were a hit!

This may be my absolute favorite picture. Kaelee just happened to grab the camera & catch these two playing. What a hoot!

Wishing you & yours an exciting, blessed new year! Happy 2012!!

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Merry Christmas.

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