Monday, January 9, 2012

God's Finger on Our Shoulders?

As I was looking at the numbers for the donations that have come in both online & in-person this morning, I was in awe that we are over $4000 in a week's time. How amazing. Then I looked at how many days we have left, & we would have to average about $1000/day to meet our goal. Wow. That's a lot.

And then a $1000 donation came in a couple hours later. No lie. Go look.

So here we are. I literally shake when we receive EVERY.SINGLE.DONATION. Why? Because each time I know it is sacrificial. I know each person or group stopped what they were doing to extend love. Just because. Why do I know this? When I look at the donors, aside from my family, these are people we don't see or talk to all the time. Some we don't even know! Some are other adoptive families we've only known online, many of whom are in the middle of their own adoptions or just finished with one!! We have now received donations from $10 to $1000, & from the bottom of my heart I can honestly say that every single one, regardless of the amount, is priceless. Every single one represents people that have said, "We're here, & we're sharing in your journey." It means more than words can say when you feel like people are excited with you & choose to be part of Kemeri's story.

As Joe & I stared at the computer screen over his lunch break dumbfounded, I looked at him & said, "There's not many times in your life where you feel like you're part of something bigger than yourself. This isn't about us."

Our 4-year-old daughter, Kaya, piped in, "It's about Kemeri, Mom." Indeed.

$1000/day over the next 11 days? With God, all things are possible.

"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder." ~Charles Morgan

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