Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Due Date In Sight {I Think...I Hope}

Sorry it's been quiet in these parts. The love poured out on our family recently left me kind of speechless. I promise to give an update on the outcome of God's provision soon.

In the meantime, thought I'd give a little update. I've been doing a lot of pondering lately. And crying. And nesting. Is there such a thing as adoption hormones?? I don't know, but I am all over the board people. All. Over. The board.

I look around me & feel abundantly blessed to be married to my best friend & have the privilege of being Mommy to these children. It is not easy, but it is never dull, & there are moments of beauty & joy that take my breath away. There are tough moments to walk through, but we do it together. And it's worth it.

Our 2 oldest daughters began their student teaching/field experiences a few weeks ago. I have loved hearing their classroom stories, & I am amazed at how these two little girls suddenly became young women. I find it interesting & awesome all at the same time that even though they don't share their Daddy's genes, they have inherited his heart for children that are hurting & broken, choosing to see beauty & potential where others have given up.

We have been going to basketball games, doing school projects, *trying* to organize some things, painting, rearranging, painting some more. My upstairs currently looks like something exploded, but we're working on that when we're not otherwise engaged with the Tiny Tornado. We were recently missing Kade's ipod & the TV remote which turned out to be in the garbage along with a couple of toys, bottles of lotion, & a pair of boots. We've now graduated from digging things out of the trash to fishing them out of the toilet. Per Kade, "Somebody needs to keep an eye on Kendi." I do believe a better defensive strategy is in order.

Why, yes, this post is definitely all over the board. I warned you. I go from enjoying these moments of life to obsessing over timelines, paperwork, etc., etc., not to mention the fact that there's a little girl on the other side of the world that is becoming a part of our family! I am happy to say that the paperwork, for the most part, is done. We are awaiting Article 5 pick-up on Friday, & then our wait for travel approval officially begins. As I was filling out our visa applications (not fun), I informed my husband while home on his lunch break that if he'd had to either physically birth our children or take care of all this paperwork, we would probably be childless. He didn't disagree...Instead, he left the house & returned with a bag of M&M's. He's a good man.

So, now that I don't have the endless amounts of paperwork to distract my thoughts, my mind is going a million miles an hour. What will it be like to meet her? What will it feel like to kiss her cheeks? How long is her hair now? (We haven't gotten any new pictures since she was 18 months old, & I'm not sure we will.) My arms ache to hold her. But I can't yet, so I pray. I pray that the Lord is preparing her heart. I pray that she has been shown our pictures so that there is some bit of familiarity. I pray for her health. I pray for everyone that will stay home while Mommy & Kade go away for 2 weeks. I pray. and cry. and eat chocolate. But, I digress.

Still with me? Well, you just crazy b/c I don't even think this mess amounts to any bit of sense, but since you did, here's a couple of sweet pictures for hanging in there with me.

XO ~ Dardi


Jami Lynn said...

So good to get an update! Sounds like you do have your adoption hormones kicking into high gear! And that's okay...I mean...this is EXCITING stuff!! :)

Jami--BAAS group

Meredith said...

I think you're entitled to be all over the place right now! And I'm glad for an update, although with how busy you are we can all understand them being spaced out :)

Just this morning Gabe and I were praying for Kemri. My dad just landed in China this morning and I couldn't help think of Kemri.


Rebecca said...

I am so excited for you! I pray the time goes by fast and yes, that your sweet girl will have peace in her heart when she meets you for the first time. It's going to be amazing!!!

Dorothy.in.FL said...

as for adoption hormones: I gain (an incredibly disgusting amount of) weight with each adoption. I usually fight it back off, but it still stuns me each time!

anything but LoKEY said...

Oh that last picture! Be still my heart.

Looks like things are moving right along for you guys. Look forward to keeping up with your journey. Can't wait to get to the point your at. Come on LOA!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just posted on Stefanie's blog and saw yours above mine... we are on the same timeline as you so I had to check your blog out. :) our art 5 pick up is next Tuesday. Congrats on your beautiful family! Hope we can connect in GZ! PS- I hear ya on the adoption hormones! Yowza!

Dardi said...

Sarah!!! That's so exciting! My radar for other folks on similar timelines is on high alert, so thanks for touching base! Let's keep in touch...you can email me through the link on my blog so we can compare notes! :o)

laurellee said...

I totally understand the feelings and being all over the place with them!! I had just told my friend that just got home from China with their new one that I am sure there are hormones involved with this journey!!!:)just like the bio baby!!
Please let us know if you got TA....keep checking for your post!! Hoping you have and you have just been too busy to let us know:)
Blessings!!! LaurelLee

Rebecca said...

Hello? Anybody home? Where'd ya go?I keep checking back here to see an update. You've left us all hanging!
Hope all is well;)