Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots to Celebrate!!

Ok, girls (ahem, Rebecca & Laurellee)'re cracking me up! Thanks for the little fire lit under my rear to get a post up. Yep, been a bit busy, so here's what's been happenin':

We have LOTS to celebrate as of late!! First, I am celebrating the fact that I FINALLY seem to have found an acceptable paint color for the little girls' room. Who knew that shades of coral could have neon properties?? True story...I tend to always second guess paint colors as soon as I start putting them on the wall, but I've learned to reserve judgment until it's had time to dry. I was really not liking this color as I was getting it on the walls, but knew I had a real problem when I turned on my ladder to see Kaya looking at it with shielded eyes. Yes, it was that bad, & no, I didn't take pictures b/c I was feeling a bit bitter about the whole thing. As of 9:30 last night, I do believe we have it right, so when I finish up their room, I will share pictures of that!

Last weekend, we got to celebrate Daddy's birthday! It was great to hang out with family & to celebrate Joe. I think we enjoyed being together so much that, well, no pictures of that either.

This past Saturday night, we got to celebrate a sectional championship for our girls' basketball team...the first one in a VERY long time!! We are so proud of Kam & her teammates b/c the last two seasons have been really rough b/c they were so young, but they have worked hard with their coaches & have made great strides this year. Looking forward to their district game this Thursday! And on this occasion, I was not a complete failure as we managed to get some pictures!

Kam is beside me, & beside Joe is Sydni, Kam's official, unofficial little sister.

There really is nothing better than sharing M&Ms with Grandma & Grandpa at a basketball game!

On the adoption front (have you been waiting for this?), we continue to celebrate! We are celebrating the fact that approximately 120 people/groups/families joined us in Bringing Kemeri Home & so lovingly gave over $8500 towards her adoption and many, many more have let us know they are praying her home!!!! We celebrate the love of God poured out through each & every person & pray God's blessing on you...You are AWESOME!!!



Yes, friends, we have travel approval, & Kade & I are scheduled to leave for China on March 15th. Oh, my tummy does flip-flops just typing that!!! It is so surreal that it's happening! I'm trying to stay in preparation mode, b/c if I let the thoughts of finally seeing her & holding her enter into my head, I turn into a hot mess. Just buying her socks the other day did me in.

So, back to my lists I go, but not before I share one more picture of smiling faces! Thanks for celebrating with me!!!


Jodi said...

LOTS of celebrating!!! YAHOO!!!! Doing the happy dance for y'all too!

emariestar said...

That is absolutely amazing!!! Happy tears over here for you! =)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! VERY exciting!! we hope to hear on our TA this week... still a chance we'll see you there!
Enjoy the preparations frenzy!

laurellee said...

Thanks for your post Dardi:):)! I totally understand the delay!! Mine would have been too with all the happenings!! Rejoicing with you on all this wonderful news and would love to meet up in China....?!?! The faxed TA's for our date have started trickling for those of us that get the hard copy ones.....I am ready!!!:) Blessings to you and yours!!