Wednesday, October 31, 2012

potty talk & other nonsense

I am beginning to think there is a conspiracy against me & my plans.  First, I am forced into potty training Kemeri before I am even close to being mentally prepared b/c of her surgery/location of incision.  In case you haven't read about it, it's been a loooong road.  We began back in June, but up until recently still struggled with at least one accident a day.  Ugh.  And then....

Da, da, da, daaaaa....DITROPAN!!!  I am a fan!  Ok, seriously, maybe too much coffee this morning, but for real this stuff has been such a help to sweet pea (no pun intended...definitely too much coffee, b/c now I'm getting stupid).  We had another urodynamics evaluation, & looks like Kemeri has a spastic bladder.  This med helps her bladder relax, which not only keeps every trip to the potty from being an emergency, but it also seems to be helping her to go longer between trips to the potty.  Yay!!!  Mama was beginning to think I was going to have to claim residency in the bathroom.

Oh, but wait.  Back to that conspiracy theory.  MY plan was to just relax & wait to do the potty thing with Kendi until after basketball season.  She just turned 2, so no hurry.  I figured by early spring, she would be good & ready.  But noooooo...Miss Thing decided about two months ago that she wanted to do "#2" on the potty.  She's actually pretty adamant about it.  At first, I thought this must be a fluke b/c this was the very last thing the other kids got figured out (you know, you get the pee-pee thing down pat but are constantly on red alert for the child hiding behind a chair to do business).  No fluke.  She's doing it & has proceeded to want to pee-pee on the pot, too.  Alrighty, then, looks like I may have to take up residency after all.  So, instead of waiting until AFTER basketball season, we are now doing this in the short window BEFORE the season starts in a couple weeks.  WHY ARE PEOPLE NOT GETTING THE MEMO ON MOM'S PLANS!?!? 

Speaking of my plans (good plans, I might add), listen to this nonsense:  You know my post about getting rid of the smartphones?  Joe headed out to take care of business & came home with my new phone...the iPhone.  What?!?  Turns out,  the "phone people" JUST came out with new plans (how convenient).  Originally, we had to have 2 plans b/c of the number of lines we needed, but *presto*, they just made it so we can all be on one plan that saves us a good deal of money, but going to just a regular old phone would save us...wait for extra $10.  In protest, I have not downloaded my email accounts to my phone.  I did, however, use it at the store the other night to pull up a recipe b/c I forgot to write down the ingredients. I am determined to find balance, people.

Another of MY plans has been to keep up my running outdoors through the winter.  And then Hurricane Sandy.  I am so thankful we are not dealing with anywhere near the stuff the people on the coast are, but we did have some pretty serious winds & the rain continues.  So, last night I headed to the rec center to do my 5 miles on the treadmill...NONSENSE, I tell you!  I was a mile in & wishing I had just gone outside to brave the elements.  I am grateful that I have options, but it's gonna have to be really bad outside for me to choose the treadmill again.  Yuck.

And my final bit of nonsense...Y'all have read this whole silly post & I don't even have a cutie patootie picture to share.  Sorry, they're all on my other phone.  The end.


Sharon said...

I have to tell you that I got through the second paragraph and A came running up to me needing to go to the bathroom. I told him to go, then he suddenly appeared by my side again. I went to the bathroom and found another mess to clean up. Thought you'd appreciate that as I was reading your potty post. :)

Mama D's Dozen said...

I potty trained my 10 bio. kids (my adopted kids came potty trained). All 10 of them potty trained #1 and #2 at the same time. Most of them trained shortly after turning 2, but all before 3. One of my twins potty trained #1 and #2 the week she turned 2 . . . because the kids all had the chicken pox and her little bum was covered with sores. Great motivation to take the diaper off. :) I think YOU CAN DO IT . . . get those girls trained before basketball season.

LOVE my iPhone. Oh.My.Yes. We take out of town trips and 1 day jaunts quite often, so I used Google Maps all the time. (We would probably still be lost in Puerto Rico if we hadn't had our iPhones. Seriously.)

I also use the "notes" feature quite a bit, when I'm out and about and need to jot something down.

And . . . when your adult children live across the country, and they all have iPhones, too, . . . you can use FaceTime to see their sweet faces when you talk to them. :) Seven of our kids (and spouses) all have iPhones, and we all LOVE them. Oh.Yes.We.Do.

Hope your day is BLESSED!

Laurel :)

Rebecca said...

We've been potty training around here too!!! Fun times!