Friday, October 26, 2012

trick or treat!

Confession:  I detest buying Halloween costumes.  Nice ones are super expensive, & even the "cheap" ones are still expensive.  When you have 9 children, you tend to use your clothing budget on...clothes, not one-time-use stuff, you know?

Next confession:  I procrastinate.  This past weekend, I realized it was crunch time since our community does Beggars' Night on the Thursday before Halloween (which is fine by me, b/c I do not celebrate Halloween...I consider this a fun dress-up time where we get to say hello to our neighbors & friends).  Anyway, that leads me to my final confession of this post:  I am not super creative, & I don't care to do much sewing (as in, I may or may not have fixed hems & such with a hot glue gun before).

In the end, I'm pretty happy with what we came up with & so were the kids!  I typically try to think of things we already have in our drawers, & build from there. 

For my little pirates...a $2.97 red satin pillow case was it.  Not only were they cute (did I mention it's not hard to muster some creativity when you're beginning with such cutie-patooties to begin with!?), but they were comfy for the hour we were walking the neighborhood AND best of all, they loved their outfits!

For my little fairies, I did spend a bit more on their wings/wands (they came in a set for a little more than $6 each), but everything else we already had.  I found them in the toy department vs. the costume section at the store.  I was happy with them b/c they are a bit nicer, & we can add them to the dress-up box for more play.

We had an absolutely gorgeous night for walking around our neighborhood.  Thankfully, Kaelee was able to walk with us (Daddy just had his gallbladder out, so he helped Kyler with passing out candy).  Kemeri & Kendi thought this whole getting candy in a bucket gig was pretty awesome!  Kendi became very enthusiastic when we approached neighbors sitting at the end of the driveway with goodies...she would get a running start & then jump stop with a very spunky "Hi!", which typically resulted in the neighbors giving her free reign to dig into the candy bowl.  Oy...Kemmy & Kendi looked like human claw machines by the end of the night!  Being 2 & cute has it's perks, I suppose. ;)

It was a fun night...I still need to post pics from Kendi & Kade's birthdays among some other things, but life has been happening!  Hope you are enjoying Fall as much as we have been!!


Rebecca said...

So cute! Good for you for being creative and on a budget! I get the blessed privelige of shopping for costumes with my 4 tomorrow. So far, we have 1 Jessie from Toy Story, an 80's chick, Mitt Romney, & 1 undecided. Fun fun!

Life's Journey said...

All very cute costumes. And they all had smiles on their faces. So mom did GOOD!