Sunday, February 24, 2013

time marches on {in spite of missed due dates}

Today is not a day that has something special noted on the calendar. 
But today I was reminded of where I was 19 years ago.  Or maybe I should say what I was.  I was an emotional mess of a pregnant woman with a super swollen belly with a child that was supposed to be here.  On this day.  The reason I was reminded of this is because said child thought she'd be cute & write on the dry erase board "8 days until Kameryn's birthday!!" 
Yep.  Eight days.  The child came EIGHT days past her due date.  She wasn't even born in the month she was supposed to be, for goodness sake!
And here we are.  NINETEEN YEARS later.  It sounds so cliche when people say to enjoy your children because time just goes so fast, blah, blah, blah.  It's true.  It does.  So if you find yourself waiting for something, savor the moments.  Embrace the wait.  Before you know it, it's 19 years later & I'm trying to slow time down, hoping for one more win, & one more win...wanting this last basketball season to just keep going so I can watch her play one more time.  Thankfully, these girls did bring home a win last night, bless their hearts.

Hoping for more net-cutting pictures to come!
Me & my baby I thought would never come.
I remember so well that I was not the only one sad about the missed due date.  My dad had a job interview out of state they scheduled "safely" past when Kam was supposed to get here.  You guessed it...She arrived when they were gone, & they were so sad.  But guess what?  She doesn't remember that, but she will remember these moments!
Two of Kam's biggest fans!  (We left the smaller biggest fans at home with a sitter since it was a very late game an hour down the road.)
Go Arrows!  Let's keep it going!!!
By the way, Kameryn were worth the wait.  Stinker.

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