Friday, March 1, 2013

all good things must come to an end . . .

Kam's basketball team won their district semi-final last night & are headed to the district finals tomorrow afternoon!!!  WOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!
So proud of these girls!  When Kam was a freshman, the program was, umm, lacking?  Not exactly sure how to describe the first two seasons when we won 1 game.  UNO. ONE.  And that one was during Kam's sophomore season.  The team was so young, the numbers were down (they still are...they are dressing a few freshman for tourney), but the girls that have stuck with it have never given up!
Kam is one of three seniors (one of two that have played all 4 years).  They were so fired up for last night's game that they ended up winning by almost 30 points!  It was awesome b/c their goal was to get the freshman off the bench for the end of the game, & they did it (Did I mention that they are awesome girls??)!  One of Kam's highlights that she mentioned during senior night is that she loves that she has so many memories with her teammates on & off the basketball court.
Here's a pic of our Arrows after last night's win (Kam is in the grey sweatshirt with white strings in the front row):
Oh, how I would love to see them keep upsetting the apple cart!  Their post season is turning into a David & Goliath story, or Cinderella, if you prefer. :o)  They are now 1 of 32 teams left standing in Division I.  I would love it if you'd pray a blessing over our girls with me...That tomorrow would bring continued heart, unity, endurance, focus, strength & confidence so that at the end of the day, they can say they played their BEST game!  And hopefully, their best game will keep them playing for another day b/c ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN . . . GO ARROWS!!!
Syd, Kaelee, Kam, & Kade

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