Thursday, May 2, 2013

we interrupt this blog silence...

. . . with an update that I'm still here!

Lots of life happening, so here's a few good things:

Kearsten is wrapping up her student teaching in FL.  She just got a call on Friday from the district she did her first 6 weeks of student teaching in offering her a teaching position for next school year!  She is over the moon excited, & so are we!  Another very cool thing:  During this past 6 weeks in FL, Kiki was having a pretty sad time of it.  Her host family was very nice, but she was the only person there & pretty far away from everybody & everything.  It was beginning to wear on her, so I made a phone call...

to a friend I've never even met in person, but right here through my blog!!  Is it not so very cool that God can use technology to make a friendship like that?  I feel so blessed that I felt like I could call Rebecca on the spot to see if Kearsten could drop by for a visit & some family time, which without hesitation, she said to send her over.  Get this:  By the end of the day, they had Kearsten moving in with them to finish out the last couple weeks of her student teaching!  I wish I had adequate words for how wonderful it is to know that someone was willing to step in physically where I couldn't.  You can see a few pics of Kearsten with this sweet family on Rebecca's blog.

Ok, back to the updates.  In Ohio, teaching jobs are few & far between, but Kaelee has already had a couple of promising interviews.  I am excited to see which door opens for her.  She also looked into relocating to SC, but she has been the head cheer coach at our high school for the past 3 years, so she would like to see her first group of freshmen through their senior year.  She has been enjoying her position at nearby school doing reading/writing intervention.

I've got quite a few pictures of recent happenings, & the good news is that none of them contain snow!  Yes, it seems springtime is finally moving into Ohio.

Not sure what was happening here...pajamas, carton of ice cream, & a spoon.  Oh, Daddy.

Dress-up is still a #1 pastime!

Kemmy & Kyler playing a clapping game...she loves her brothers!

Cowgirl for Preschool

We've also had a lot of basketball going on.  Kade plays on a spring team that participates in tournaments each weekend.  Did I share who his coach is??  His SISTER!!!  Kam has a heart for coaching, so she had been in contact with the organizer of this competitive league thinking she would coach a girls' team.  Just so happens they needed a coach for the 7th grade boys' team.  We talked to Kade to see how he felt about that, & he was fine.  So Kam took the challenge.  I have been very proud & impressed at her ability to coach these boys.  These tournaments have some pretty stiff competition & we are low on subs, but we hold our own.  The boys respond to her, & when they've found themselves in really tight games, Kam has coached them through it.  Joe & I have just been shaking our heads, & so have a lot of the coaches from other teams. ;)  Kam has earned a lot of respect, & Kade is having a great experience.

Fun times.  This weekend their basketball tournament is in the same city that I am running my first half marathon (yes, that's this weekend, & yes, I have some serious butterflies about it).  I am so thankful at how the schedule is working out to do the half & then go enjoy some basketball in the afternoon.

Finally, today is a special day...3 years ago today, Kam & I were in Ethiopia meeting K'Tyo for the very first time.  I can't even believe it!!!


Rebecca said...

Love it! Thanks for the update:)

Alicia said...

Go Kam! She will always have a special place in my heart b/c she help JG before me! Love that she is coaching her bro. Good luck Saturday. So glad it all worked out so well. Will be praying for you in a slightly jealous way! Someday. . . someday . . . I will run a half too!