Tuesday, October 1, 2013

just sayin' hi

Since I'm just sitting here with Daisy Mae, thought I'd share a few pics of life's happenings.  I think Daisy insists on hanging out with me because she knows I'm not feeling the greatest.  The good news is that I successfully completed my final 20-mile training run this past Sunday & have begun the taper phase of my marathon training.  The bad news is that I evidently have a displaced rib that makes my side feel like somebody took a baseball bat to it.  So, Daisy is concerned (as is Ella, who is at my feet on the floor) as I sit here icing.
Joe took Kaya & K'Tyo to a home football game recently, & they got pics with the varsity cheer coach, who just happens to be their sister. :)
And these two...I love, love, love my camera phone at these moments.  The best thing about this scene is that it's all their idea.  They readily share hugs & hold hands all on their own.
Seriously, is there anything better than running in wide open spaces?  Ella & I just enjoyed strolling behind.
Kearsten continues to settle into life in her new community, which now includes her new buddy, Rooney.  I'm so happy they have found each other...he had a super rough start to life, & she has always wanted a rescue dog.  Yay!
This was another sweet moment this past week.  While Kemmy was at preschool, Kendi was a sweet helper as Mommy got a haircut.  Since it was lunch time when we were finished, we ran through the drive thru to get some lunch.  Kendi said, "Mommy, can we eat outside in the sunshine?"  I am thankful that these kiddos remind me to slow down & enjoy simple, impromptu things like picnics in the sunshine.
Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week...I hope to share some pictures from our outing to the apple orchard soon!


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Always good to hear from you.

Sweet pics!

:) :) :)

Allison Schumm said...

I love the pictures thanks for sharing!