Thursday, March 26, 2015

surprises & snuggles

We had our first lost tooth! No, really, this was a first.  Kendi literally lost her tooth.  We don't know exactly when; we definitely don't know where.  I was doing her hair & very matter of fact-like she said, "My tooth is lost."  Sure enough, it's gone. It's been loose since she took a tumble a few weeks ago, but it was just not loose enough to pluck out.  Kendi calmly suggested that the tooth fairy must have cast a spell & took it away.  I didn't argue.  

And just because one cutie picture is not enough, I give you a second.  Kemeri loves Kam's doggie, Daisy.  We find them snuggling a lot. I honestly think Daisy is a therapy dog wannabe when it comes to Kemeri. Generally she's kinda spoiled, but with Kemeri, it's a real thing.

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