Monday, March 23, 2015

"yet" has arrived

Back in 2011, I wrote this post about no futbol for our guy (yet) as his choice was football.  Well, "yet" has arrived!  As I mentioned in this post, K'Tyo decided this past Fall he wanted to give soccer a try.  He had a great season of learning & was invited by a coach to join an indoor team for the winter.  What a great experience it has been!  He has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know his teammates, & his coaches were my kind of people...teaching skills AND sportsmanship.  Anyway, K'Tyo liked football, but I think he has found much joy in futbol!

This past Saturday was a very exciting day as his indoor team made it to the championship game of the tournament.  What an impressive showing from 9 & 10 year olds in that game!  At the end of regulation time, the score was tied 3-3, so the game went into a 5-minute overtime.  Still tied, so it went into a shoot out with 3 players representing each team, & K'Tyo was one of our 3.  Deep breath.  They scored, we scored, they scored, we missed.  The shoot out was 2-1, but their final player's shot went wide, so we had one shot left to tie it up, & K'Tyo was the final shot.  Oh my heart.

He stepped up & put it in *just* between the left side of the goal & the goalie, so the game went to a sudden death shoot out.  (At this point I should mention that when we were getting out of the van, I kissed him on the head & told him to play hard and have fun.  I then teased him about leaving pink lipstick on his head for good luck.  Well, that may have to be part of the pregame from now on! Ha!) My goodness, this was a lot of intensity I did not anticipate for this age bracket!  The other team's first shot went wide, & our next player got up & placed a beautiful shot into the upper right corner to seal the win!  

We are so proud of K'Tyo & his team for a great showing of teamwork & sportsmanship.  Bless him, afterward he said, "Mom, I was so nervous."  It was very sweet.  Even sweeter was seeing him tell kids from the other team nice job as we were leaving the facility & even patting one guy on the shoulder that had obviously shed a few tears.  He played a great game & scored a couple goals, but I am most impressed by & proud of his developing character.  Great job, K'Tyo!  

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Sharon said...

Love! Can't believe how big and handsome he is! :)