Tuesday, May 5, 2015

busy, busy

I don't know about you, but we seem to have hit busy mode full stride as this school year winds down.  Joe has had many speaking engagements, Kyler & Kam just finished their semester at college, Kade has been playing travel basketball, & K'Tyo & Kaya have been playing soccer.  All good stuff, but goodness it makes time go fast & the laundry seems to be multiplying.

We've had some doctor appointments, & Kemeri continues to heal well.  She still needs to wear a splint with some protective bandaging as the incision is not quite done healing.  The other night after doing some exercises, it was time to reapply her dressing & Kendi was adamant that she wanted to take care of it.  I love the intent expression on her face...she only needed a little bit of help from Mommy.  And please take note of Kemeri's ensemble.  She has a serious eye for fashion...layers, fuzzy scarf, zebra print...the only thing missing is her leopard print newsboy hat, furry vest, & sunglasses.  I'm telling you, she rocks individuality!

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Sharon said...

Feeling the same way here - crazy spring! School is out at the end of next week, so I need to do some planning this week!