Thursday, May 14, 2015

daddy's "congratulations"

This past Saturday it was, as Kendi says, "Daddy's Congratulations".  We decided that was quite a way with words.  While Daddy officially finished his doctoral degree last August, the actual graduation ceremony happens in the spring.

Initially, Joe wasn't sure he was going to participate but was encouraged to do so by several people.  Little did I realize how much we needed this.  It really did feel like a wonderful "congratulations", but it also felt like closure after a very rigorous undertaking.  It meant so much to have everyone there except Kearsten (she is teaching in SC, so too hard to squeeze in that trip) because it truly was a team effort as Daddy worked through this program.

For whatever reason, every family event involves piggyback pictures.

And here's the moment.  Graduating with a doctorate is it's own thing.  Dr. Wilson officially placed Joe's hood on him, which was extra special because Dr. Wilson was not only the chair of Joe's dissertation committee, but he's been such an amazing mentor.

So, do I get to be "Mrs. Dr."? ;o)

Dr. Savage is in this picture with our family, another important person in Joe's journey.

All too soon, Kaya.  All too soon.

Happy Congratulations Day, Daddy...Your team is so proud of you & loves you bunches!!  May God bless you indeed as you continue to seek His plans to use your gifts & passions for His glory.

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Sharon said...

Oh, I love seeing all of these pictures and rejoice with you that it is fully COMPLETED! Great teamwork. Love!