Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Honestly, I almost blew off my "Thankful Thursday" it is, 7 minutes to Friday, & I couldn't do it. I had to post. Why? Maybe because it's good to see things to be thankful for; to praise God, even in the storms. We have been in a very unexpected storm since last Thursday. We are grieving an unexpected, tragic death in the family, and it's been hard. But here goes....
I am thankful that today our completed home study arrived. This is such wonderful news because it enabled me to send in ALL the paperwork (dossier, I-600A), so we are taking steps in the right direction to bring our son home from Ethiopia.
I am thankful that some very sweet adoptive parents that just got home from Ethiopia shared some new photos of our beautiful little boy (can't wait 'til I can share them!).
I am thankful for the big hearts of our children. I love them so much.
I am thankful for the encouragement of family & friends during life's ups & downs.
I am thankful for the generosity of others. We took a big leap of faith this week & sent out "mission" letters to help raise funds for our adoption. It is so awesome to see other people jump into this journey with us. Just today, a dear friend stopped by the house & gave us their whole jar of saved coins! Joe had someone come into his office saying they wanted to be part of things, & they didn't even get a letter...they just heard about our adoption & wanted to be part of bringing this little boy into his forever family!! I cannot express how loving prayers & gestures make my heart want to burst........
I am thankful that God is the same yesterday as He is today as He will be tomorrow--He is Good!
Be Blessed, Friends ~ Dardi


Adeye said...

I am SO glad you decided to post, friend :) Yes, God is so good and sometimes it helps to write things out and see for ourselves. How wonderful that you are receiving such an amazing outpouring of love and support as you bring another angel home.

So terribly sorry about the loss in your family. I know how hard that is.

Sending you a HUGE hug

rrpr6 said...

Your strength for your extended family is evident. They must be so blessed to have your faith to draw from - and with so much going on I pray for "rest in the Palm of His hand and in the Shadow of His Wings"! May you find solace and peace today, beyond belief! I am so Thankful for the opportunity to watch as your story continues to unfold! We loved the fund letter! Shalom, Dardi - Prayers from Pam