Friday, May 7, 2010

From Ethiopia

Not sure if this will work, but we'll give emailing a post a try.  I can see blogger here, but I can't do anything with it.  Internet is spotty, too.
Anyway, this week has been one of the most remarkable of my life.  I have been journaling a lot to help me remember things as well as process them.  Things are so extreme here.  There are cars everywhere just making up their own traffic patterns & rules.  They share the road with many pedestrians, dogs, donkeys, goats, etc.  There is also poverty unimaginable everywhere; things torn apart, falling apart...It's not very pretty, & yet it is beautiful.
There is so much I want to much on my heart.  But the beauty is like none other.  The reason it is so spectacular is b/c it really has nothing to do with the outward appearance of things.  It has to do with an attitude...people are loving, friendly, & they genuinely value each other here, especially children.   For example, when we had to go to our embassy appointment, we pulled up & got out of our van.  A street beggar in rags with obvious signs of a disease came running so excited up to K'Tyo.  He kissed him on both cheeks with such delight.  Sounds somewhat horrific, right? Actually, it was humbling.  In that moment I was stunned b/c he did not ask for money...he saw a treasure greater than money.
Yes, I have a lot to share and a lot to learn.


Doug and Monica said...

Can I tell you how much I am looking forward to our boys playing and us chatting about the beauty of this country that steals a part of everyone who visits??? I love and miss you friend! Was it this hard on you when I was there?? Can't wait to hear your sweet voice:)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Oh the memories of Ghana that this brings back.

Had to laugh when I saw the picture of you ... and your curly hair. Love it! Do you have natural curls that the humidity brings out the best of?

I went to Ghana with a friend last year (to bring home her 3 new children). As we drove from the airport to the hotel, she laughed and said, "Laurel, your hair is practically curling before my eyes." Yes, by the time we got to the hotel I had a new hairdo. :)


Christie said...

I've missed you!! So glad that God has enabled you to see His beauty throughout this week.

Can't wait to hear more!

Praying for a safe trip home!


Peter and Nancy said...

Congratulations on being united with your son! I just hopped over from Pam's blog -- and I'm so glad I did! God bless you as you get to know each other, and start your lifetime as a family.
(waiting for our 4th, a daughter from India)

Kimmie said...

Waiting to hear more of this God journey to Ethiopia. Praying His hand upon you my friend. He is so good.


rrpr6 said...

We love the pics and the smiles ! Praying for a safe trip home - see you then! Pam