Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday {Children's Heaven, Ethiopia}

Before we left for Ethiopia, I had been praying for many aspects of our trip, including what God might have for Kameryn there. She was very anxious to experience Ethiopia, but she also wanted to DO something. I am so thankful every time I reflect on our time there & the doors that were opened for her to love others. I have some beautiful pictures of her with the little children at my son's orphanage, but out of respect for other adoptive parents, I will not post those. You'll just have to trust me...they are beautiful pictures of Kami loving & being loved by sweet little girls & boys. I know that they have left a special imprint on her heart.

The other opportunity that presented itself was a trip to Children's Heaven. You can learn more about this wonderful organization at Hanna has a great ministry going there for girls. We went to visit on our last day in Ethiopia, & it was amazing. Kami got to spend time with girls close to her own age, & they were thrilled to find out that she plays basketball. Come to find out, they have been very curious about the game of basketball, so after we enjoyed listening to them sing for us & having a snack together, we headed out into the compound so that Kami could show & teach some of her basketball skills.

Since they do not have basketballs yet, they made due with soccer balls.

The girls were fascinated at how Kami could dribble between her legs. I loved how they would watch her & then head off by themselves to practice & then come back to show her how they were doing.

Suddenly, a downpour hit. However, four of the girls were not about to quit, so they stayed outside with Kami for a game of soccer in the pouring rain.
The fabulous 5...Soaked but smiling.
The sweet, beautiful afternoon group of girls at Children's Heaven.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time visiting. As we were leaving, one of the girls said, "Kameryn, we love you!" I am thankful for the moments that leave us never the same.


Christie said...

So glad that Kameryn was able to go with you and experience this. I'm sure it has forever changed her.

Love the pictures and that the girls were so eager to participate with her!!


Kimmie said...

Beautiful...your daughter, her heart, the trip, the visit...just beautiful, but that is what our God is all about, eh?!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Chris said...

I am sure your daughter had a big impact on the kiddos...
And they probably impacted her as well!!!

Love the photos!!!

(My husband and oldest daughter are leaving for Ghana in less than two weeks. My husband goes every other year, this will be Faith's second time. This is an educational mission trip that my husband has been a part of for the past eight years!! Talk about impact!!!)