Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy to Be Home!

As much as we loved our time in Ethiopia, it is such a blessing to be home! K'Tyo was amazing on that long flight (we got stuck on the runway in Amsterdam for over 3 hours b/c of the ash cloud) & is enjoying getting to know Daddy & his other brothers & sisters.

We spent much of yesterday with doctor visits. The good news is they took off that yucky cast & he did not have to have another one put on b/c he's healing up so well. He just has to wear a brace for playtime. The bad news is he has a stress fracture in his lower right leg, which is what has been causing his limp. It should heal on its own, so no cast for that.

I have many pictures & experiences from our trip that I would like to share (I journaled while I was there since Blogger was not cooperating), but for now, here's a couple pics from his first evening at home. You can also view a few more pictures here. Our friend, Tim, is a local photographer that gave us a most precious gift by coming to the airport & then to our home to take pictures of our first moments together.


Julie said...

He's such a gorgeous boy! What a wonderful smile :) Congratulations!!

Annie said...

Welcome home!!! Such sweet children :)

Christie said...


OH MY GOODNESS...those pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to hear more from you in the days to come.

Welcome home, we've missed you!


gigglechirp said...

OH WOW, he is so handsome!! I knew it from other pictures, but OH MY!!!!!!! Welcome home and good wishes to your whole family during this special time of transition.

Karen said...

So handsome...and that smile...wow! Looking forward to seeing more photos.

Amy said...

OH MY WORD- just BEAUTIFUL. I love, love, love seeing him finally HOME where he belongs! Love you guys! Amy

Sharon said...

Those pictures are amazing! So glad to see him HOME!

Lisa said...

Welcome home! I love that kid! He looks so happy to finally be home with his family! I'm so happy for you! The pictures are beautiful!

emariestar said...

WOW! Welcome home - LOVE the pics! What a handsome guy he is!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news and what a great gift!!


rrpr6 said...

Lord, we thank you for the priceless gift of family. Being woven into YOUR kingdom quilt- the family of God - a true priceless treasure. we praise Your Holy Name. Amen

Kimmie said...

Oh my He is gorgeous! So glad you have him now forever and ever. Praying for your new family. May He be in your midst and leading your every step.

rejoicing greatly with you!

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted